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New Play Goes Inside the Mind of Peeping Tom Rabbi Barry Freundel Why did he do it? One playwright believes it’s an extreme case of something we all do: lying to ourselves.  By Sophie Aroesty  Tablet Magazine Read More A new play tells the story of mikvah-peeping rabbi Barry Freundel By Giovanna PazJuly 19, 2017 4:22pm Jewish Telegraphic Agency…

Review: DC Metro Theater Arts

 If ever there’s a play that better lays bare the inner life of a man of the cloth who prays and preys, it’s going to have to be measured against this hard-hitting script.   As directed by David Moretti, Constructive Fictions is an ingenious work of stagecraft.   Matty Griffiths as Freundel delivers a remarkably nuanced performance….

Review: Washington Post

Watching “Constructive Fictions,” I found it easy to imagine what his real-life victims must have felt as they watched Freundel defend himself in court, frustrated and helpless. It’s a neat trick, even if I’m not sure it’s what Campbell intended. Read Full Review:

Review: Washington Jewish Week

“Constructive Fictions” should not be discounted. Viewing it as a work-in-progress with tremendous potential for its undeniable relevance to 21st century American Judaism makes it among the more compelling plays debuting this summer season. “Constructive Fictions” takes on that issue boldly and unapologetically, allowing the story — no simple fiction — to become an enduring…